SINA BANA in Kelantan dialect means SINAR, which is a glow of light or glow of something glittering, and also gives the meaning of hope and a cheerful spirit.

The word SinaBana itself is inspired by the glittering artwork of beautiful crystals from Swarovski® which glittered with chromatic aberration as a rainbow prism that stunning the human view.

Thus, a synergistic collaboration between SinaBana and a luxury brand, Swarovski will feature style, quality, excellence in the debut edition of hijab by SinaBana.

A truly sensational experience of this collaboration inspire the idea of a ‘dancing crystals’ in every SinaBana design, which every piece of hijab that to be worn at any time and any day will give your daytime style a playful sparkling and hence, will make the SinaBana collection as a Lifestyle brand.

Our Premium Voile (Bawal) fabric are specially made for us with the best quality and equivalent to Japanese company called TOYOSHIMA. We use alkali peeling with plain dyeing treatment for make the fabric soft but with rebound resilience which is easy to keep the scarf curve.

Thanks for supporting us.

With love,